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Sunday Services and Live Streaming

We live stream our Sunday morning services, available on our Youtube channel

This week’s Service:

Sun 26 Nov 10.30 Morning Service - Prayerfulness Daniel 9 Andy Rubie

Sermon sound recordings will be available during the week

Coming up…

Sun 3 Dec 10.30 Morning Service - Aneal Appadoo

Sun 10 Dec 10.30 Morning Service - Aneal Appadoo

As Christians, we are called to be loving, caring, sensitive and kind to others and we will continue to be considerate to all, as we move forward with socialising at this time.

When you are in the church building:

  • Please continue to sanitise or wash your hands upon arrival at the church.

  • It is your choice whether you wear a face-mask or not.

Prayer ministry will be offered after the service.

We hope you will join us for refreshments of tea, coffee and squash after the service which gives a chance to chat and get to know other church members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any of the above,

email if you have any questions.

Donations can be made online here

Sunday Services flyer

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