Sunday Services and Live Streaming

We live stream our Sunday morning services, available on our Youtube channel

The church is now open for gathered worship.

We have considered the recommendations by the CofE following the removal of all restrictions under Covid. We are aware that some of you will receive this with delight and gladly dispose of your face-mask. Others, we know, are still vulnerable and concerned about how contagious Covid is and are more uncertain about gathering with others in larger groups.

As Christians, we are called to be loving, caring, sensitive and kind to others and I know we will continue to be considerate to all, as we move forward with socialising at this time.

We commend to you the following recommendations when you are in the church building:

  • Please continue to sanitise or wash your hands upon arrival at the church.

  • Please continue to use the QR track and trace code when you enter the church building

  • We encourage you to wear face-masks, when walking around in church.

  • Once you are at your seat, it is your choice whether you keep your face-mask on or take it off.

  • Please feel able to sing as you wish – whether with your face-mask on or off. However please ensure, if you are singing, you only face forwards and therefore see the back of someone else (don’t sing face to face with anyone).

  • Chairs are generously spaced out and we are utilising our side isles for seating to maintain space. We will continue to keep the double doors in the worship space unlocked and open at the end of the service, for you to exit the building, rather than go back through the foyer.

Prayer ministry will be in the St Peter’s Room after the service. Please go to the St Peter’s Room if you would like prayer, however if you see someone already receiving prayer, please wait in the foyer until they have finished.

Refreshments of tea, coffee and squash will resume from the 5th September.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any of the above,

email if you have any questions.

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