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What we do

Prayer meetings

Regular Groups and Events

Church Prayer Meetings

Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God.  As a church we regularly meet and pray together.  We meet weekly, monthly and have men and ladies prayer breakfasts.

We pray….

...every Sunday at 6.30pm (venue varies - see Weekly Matters)

...every Tuesday at 9am in the Upper Room

...every Friday at 9am in the Upper Room

...every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm at the vicarage

Our Prayer Breakfasts are on Saturday mornings at Annie & Nige's home and dates and timings will be on Weekly Matters.


Mid-Week Bible Groups

Reading the bible and exploring what God is saying to us is an essential part of our Christian journey and how we grow in faith. We have a variety of mid-week bible groups that allow us to develop friendships as we support one another. For times and venues see Weekly Matters.

Every Tuesday at 10.15am meeting in the Upper Room at Church

On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday or Thursday of the month a few groups meet in various homes

Lunch Club

Twice a month, on a Wednesday, we have a lunch club.  Starting at 12.15pm with a speaker or a quiz, we gather in the St Peter's Room at church.  Around 1.00pm we have a hot meal and dessert.  No need to book, just turn up and get to know some new friends.  The suggested cost is £4.00.

29 Jan        Who is Jesus?
12 Feb        Why did Jesus die?
26 Feb        How can I have faith?
11 Mar        Why and how do I pray?
01 Apr        Why and how should I read the Bible?
22 Apr        How does God guide us?
25 Apr        Alpha Away Day (details to follow)
                   9:00am – 5.30pm
06 May        How can I make the most of the

                    rest of my life?
20 May        How can I resist evil?
27 May        Why and how should I tell others?
17 Jun         Does God heal today?
01 Jul          What about the Church?

Lis:  / 07710 256788

Alison : / 07927 415631

Alpha Course

Wednesday Evenings 

7.30 - 9.30

Hearing Aid Clinic
with Tea & Cake

General maintenance of NHS hearing aids including batteries and re-tubing.

Monthly on a Tuesday 2 - 3.30pm

See Calendar for exact dates

Contact Pearl on: 01737 222390 / 07969 393206 /


The Alternative


Every year on the 31st October we run 'The Alternative'.  We fill the church with inflatables, games and activities and have lots of fun.  The evening is split into two sessions and 10 years and under start at 4.30pm through to 6.30pm.  11 years upwards start at 7.00pm through till 9.00pm. Drinks are available throughout the evening and for the children a hot-dog, crisps & biscuit is part of your entrance cost.  Fancy dress is allowed, but no Halloween costumes please.

Parents are requested to stay with the first session, however for the older children they can complete a form, leave their children and come back to pick them up at 9.00pm.

For more details contact the church office 01737 243846


Winter Night Shelter 

Winter Night Shelter runs from December through to March each year under the umbrella of Renewed Hope Trust. Over 400 volunteers from local churches and the community care for the homeless during these cold months.  A number of churches including St Luke's,  open up their building from 7pm through to 8am and provide a hot meal, a warm bed, a shower and breakfast and the venue for Winter Night Shelter rotates over the week.

Pearl is our Winter Night Shelter Coordinator and would be delighted to give you more information.  Contact us



SparkFish is a local, collaborative, Christian organisation that aims to inspire and encourage young people in faith, hope and love.

SparkFish works in primary and secondary schools in Redhill, Reigate and Merstham and is supported financially and prayerfully by local churches and individuals.

Find out more:


Street Pastors

We have seven Street Pastors from St Luke's and they go out on the Streets of Reigate on the first and last Friday of the month.  Street Pastors are a calming presence on the streets late at night when things can feel uncertain and people can become agitated.  


Street Pastors care, listen and help and we are delighted to be part of this important mission work.  Revd Anita Colpus is a Street Pastor Trustee and would be delighted to give you more information.

For more information phone our church office on: 01737 243846.


Paul & Alison Guinness

Paul and Alison are based in Burundi as missionaries working to train and support native church leaders. We support them with prayer and financially.  When they are home in the UK, they often come and join us for worship and update us on their work.  

Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Appeal

Every year we fill empty shoe boxes with gifts for children who would not otherwise receive a present on Christmas Day.  We pack up our boxes in October and they are collected in November so they can be transported across Europe and to Africa in time for Christmas.


 Phone our church office for more information on: 01737 243846.

International Needs

International Needs is a worldwide Christian mission and development agency, a partnership that operates in over forty developing countries around the globe. We help people from all over the world as they struggle against persecution, poverty and disease whatever their colour, race or creed.  Their work is focused on community development, human rights and Christian outreach.


Through all that we do, we seek to serve God and bring people the good news of Jesus.  Impacted by God’s love, our desire is to see people made whole spiritually and physically.  Their goal is to make a world of difference in the lives of individuals and whole communities, working to free people from poverty and oppression. We support Christian outreach programmes and aim to plant churches within communities.  Our heart is to communicate God’s love to people through all that we do.

We have partnered with International Needs building a new maternity centre in Burkina Faso; we gave a tithe from our building project monies to help build the maternity centre.  At Harvest, each year, we give from our plenty to one of their projects.  

International Needs is a local Christian mission based in Caterham and you can visit their website on

Shonda Project

The Shonda project works to educate and train young people in Shonda, Kenya, who are in need due to poverty, sickness and distress. In partnership with a local minister the project has enabled a primary school for 250 pupils up to the age of 16 to be established, a regular feeding programme has been introduced for school meals, and a well has been constructed on the school site to supply clean water to the school and surrounding villages. Future projects involve the provision of a training workshop, regular teachers' salaries, maintaining facilities, sponsorship of children to pay for educational costs, e.g. uniform, tuition fees, exercise books, etc. For more details on the Shonda project contact Mike and Angela Prentice, founders of the Charity, via the Church office on: 01737 243846.