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Sunday Services

Revd Anita Colpus

We shall be live streaming our Sunday church services from October 2020.

You will be able to see the service online via our

Youtube channel

or watch it below.

Music is limited due to licensing issues.

The service will be recorded and available shortly afterwards. A limited number of seats in church may be available to book, more information available here.

Special Videos

Praise & Worship Feb 2021.png

February 2021 

Praise & Worship

An extended time of sung worship with St Luke's Reigate Music Group

Bishop Christopher.png

Zoom 31.01.2021 

Food Partnership Programme

The discussion with Bishop Christopher about the St Luke's Reigate Food Partnership Programme.

Lord's Prayer.png

Church 19.07.2020 

The Lord's Prayer Montage

St Luke's Congregation

Alison 19042020.png

April 2020 

Messy Church

Revd Alison Elson & Richard Colpus


January 2021 

150th Anniversary

St Luke's celebrated its 150th Anniversary on Sunday 31st January 2021

Richard 19072020.png

August 2020 

Praise & Worship

An extended time of sung worship with St Luke's Reigate Music Group

Anita Colpus.png

April 2020 

Thomas reflection

Revd Anita Colpus

Are you a 'Doubting Thomas'?

See our full playlist with earlier videos on our Youtube channel

Audio recordings

Gabby Parikh cropped.jpeg

Sermon 08.03.20 

Gabby Parikh

1 Corinthians 16:1-9


15 MB

00:00 / 25:16
Alison Elson 2 cropped.jpeg

Sermon 16.02.20 

Alison Elson

1 Corinthians 3:1-9

The church and its leaders part 1

16.8 MB

00:00 / 29:16
Anita video.png

Sermon 23.02.20 

Anita Colpus

1 Corinthians 3:10-23 

The church and its leaders part 2

13.6 MB

00:00 / 23:07
Gina Watson.jpg

Sermon 09.02.20 

Gina Watson

1 Cor 2: 1-16 - God’s wisdom revealed by the Spirit 

10.9 MB

00:00 / 18:44