WELCOME to St Luke's Reigate. I hope you will find us a welcoming, friendly group of people, belonging together because of our faith in Jesus and our journeying together as we explore and grow in faith.

Our strapline is LIFE MATTERS…. because we believe that ‘life does matter’ and that God is about ‘matters of life’. Whatever is going on in your life, whether a celebration or a struggle, we believe that God cares and is at work in the world today and through His people (the church) and we would love to get to know you and help you know God.

Revd Anita Colpus

Vicar (& Area Dean of Reigate Deanery)

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Our building is now open for us to gather and worship together, St Luke’s church is very much alive. If you have been thinking about God and faith at this time and would like to talk with someone about it (no pressure – we would love to listen and chat with you about God) please phone or email:

or Alison:

01737 243846 (church office phone checked every couple of days).


This is a strange time for us all and it is natural to question why and how and to want some answers. We believe in a living God who cares about each one of us and can be engaged in our lives if we let Him. We believe in a living God who wants to bring you ‘Life in all its fullness’ and who is alongside us, who feels our pain and can provide for us in our lives.  We hope to chat with you soon.